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Silver Plan

Silver Plan – 12 Months

$ 49,99

For uninterrupted year-round entertainment, choose the Silver Plan for 12 months. Immerse yourself in a world of diverse content, exclusive shows, and reliable streaming. This plan ensures you stay entertained seamlessly throughout the year.

Silver Plan – 24 Months

$ 89,99

Optimize your entertainment journey with the Silver Plan for 24 months. Enjoy an extended period of premium content, unmatched streaming quality, and significant savings. Immerse yourself in two years of continuous joy and entertainment bliss.

Silver Plan – 3 Months

$ 24,99

Begin your IPTV journey affordably with the Silver Plan for 3 months. Enjoy high-quality streaming, a diverse channel lineup, and a taste of our premium features, all at a wallet-friendly price.

Silver Plan – 6 Months

$ 39,99

Upgrade your entertainment with the Silver Plan for 6 months. Experience the extended value of premium channels, superior streaming quality, and a growing Video on Demand library. Elevate your viewing pleasure with this well-rounded plan.

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